Treasure Island

Based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson
Adapted for the stage by Leo Lion

Treasure Island is an original adaptation of the classic English novel of the same name. A small but versatile cast breathes new life into a rollicking ocean journey full of mystery, murder, and treasure.

When a drunk old sailor and a secret map arrive on the doorstep of a coastal English tavern, innkeeper’s son Jim Hawkins finds himself falling fast into an adventure that will change his life for good.

The play performed May 5th-8th, 2016, at Roy Arias 777 Theatre.

What Audiences Say:

Exceptional, and I can’t wait to see more Firebird

“Could not have been more unanticipated.”

“A highly entertaining, stimulating and enjoyable production.”

There is action, humor and yes, suspense. It’s a beautiful tale of coming of age.”


Cast and Crew

Directed by Leo Lion
Production Stage Manager: Thomas Pflanz
Original Music by Kenzo Repola

Jeremiah Burch
Talullah Dahan-Sheridan
Alioune Fall
Julien Feret
Sequoia Harrison
Leo Lion
Sara Margolis
Naomi Murphy
Aaron Nichols
Benny Rendell
Leigh Stern
Daniel Zuzworsky
Lights Co-Designed by Thomas Pflanz and Tinamarie Panyard
Props by Bill and Carol Cote

Photos by Schecter Lee

Photos by Angie Pflanz

Photos by Amy Milstein